I know there are those I have not mentioned here, simply because
their names have not come to mind. Send me YOUR info.
The roster keeps growing. Help it along by contacting me with information.
If you have Cellar photos, scan 'em and send 'em along.

These are musicians who got paid to perform at the CELLAR clubs.
Click on the name for what they did then and what they might be doing now.
Let me know if I misspelled any names.

Johnny Carroll
George Carlin
Cannibal Jones
Jack Estes
G. Tiger
Billy Tom Robinson
Adrian Watts
Bob Mott
Arvel Stricklin
Doug Davis
Timothy "Coyote" Williams
Lon Price
"Tudy" Taddi
Paul Sevy
Guy Parnell
Paul Jay,
Spencer Hollis,
Johnny Gore
Bobby Albin
Joe Wonder
Gene Mathews
Anthony Brogden
Randy Palmer
Ron Cintron
Slidin' Stevie Davis
Mickey Raphael
Mickey Burton
Guy Shwartz
Craig Wood
Woody Smith
Ron Thayer
George Rains
Little Caeser
Doug Sahm
Rocky Hill
Dusty Hill
Frank Beard
John Nitzinger
Curly Benton
Bugs Henderson
Linda Waring
Mike Kennedy
Robert Allen
Joe Ely
Dave Kenlo
Chip Wells
Randy Cates
Billy Brow
Toby (T.W.) Henderson
Gary Nicholson
Charlie Stephens
Jerry Lynn Williams
Willie Smith
Robert Hibler
Mark Stricklin
Mike McClain
Charlie Mitchell
Jas Stephens
Mike Harrison
Riley Barnes
Johnny Geary
Randy Panda
Mike Hickman
Stick Pierce
Don Ivey
Rusty Burns
Pete Gruen
Joe Reese
Brian Brown
Gary Myrick
Mark Stimson
Steve Lowrey
Johnny Nash
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Paul Piland
David Yawn
George Geurin

Johnny Carroll, the Cellar's CEO(Chief Entertainment Officer) passed away on Feb.18th,1995. His legend resides in the rockabilly Hall of Fame. His early recordings and general info can be found thru Some of the songs he performed in the Cellar can be heard on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1     A biographical article on Johnny Carroll may be read HERE

George Carlin George Carlin was not a Cellarr musician but he was a Cellar performer. In 1959-60, George and his partner Jack Burns worked at Fort Worth's KXOL radio in the daytime and at night they would perforrm comedy rroutines in the Cellar. George wrote and developed his "Hippy Dippy Weatherman" routine at the Cellar.

  Cannibal Jones is deceased. One of the wisest and nicest people I ever met, he was a popular spring and summer street performer in Galveston and SanAntonioTexas. He performed in the Cellar during the winters.

Jack Estes is the original folk singer who performed in the original Cellar at 1111 Houston street in Fort Worth. Jack also performed in the San Antonio Cellar and in the upstairs Cellar at 509 Main Street in Ft. Worth.

  G. Tiger is deceased. Originally a sax player, Mr. Tiger took up guitar in 1961 and, within a few months,established himself as a fluent and innovative jazz guitarist. People whose names you may have heard, such as C.L.(Cornell) Dupree, Aretha Franklin's guitarist, came to listen to Tiger.

  Billy Tom Robinson is a jazz tenor saxman who has played and recorded with the best. He's lived in Ontario and worked in New York for the past 20 years. Billy played sax for Johnny Carroll in the Cellar beginning in 1963.

  Adrian Watts was Johnny Carroll's part-time drummer(whenever Adrian wanted to play) from 1963 thru 1972. Adrian retired  near lake Whitney where he passed away peacefully along with the 20th century.

  Bob Mott- Kirkwood nicknamed Bob "The Jazz Drummer" in 1962 and never was a truer word spoken. Bob is so highly proficient as a drummer that no one can stay with him. He can play 4 separate rhythms simultaneously and never drop a beat, never alter the tempo. He's also far too intelligent to sit there playing the same old, repetitious shuffle and slam that working drummers are required to do, so he was never a working drummer, to my knowledge. We in the Cellar were blessed with Bob's presence a few times, in between his stints as a seaman aboard freight vessels. I speak of Bob in the present tense because I've not heard of his passing. I hope Bob still lives and I hope to hear from him one day.

Arvel Stricklin had been working as a blues guitarist/vocalist around Fort Worth for a couple of years before he was hired as Johnny Carrol's drummer at the Cellar in 1962 (they already had several great guitar players.) In 1963 as guitarist and vocalist, led his own band ('63-'65) the "Knightbeats" on club gigs in DFW and as the nightly-featured "midnite" band in the Ft. Worth Cellar.  In 1967 played guitar in the Houston Cellar with the "Neurotic Sheep", replacing guitarist Joe Ely .   In 1968 played bass In the Ft. Worth Cellar with the"Ball Point Carrot" with Bugs Henderson. In 1968-69 played guitar with "The Sheep", booking out of he Cellar on gigs in Los Angeles, Denver and Dallas.  1970, guitar with "Naked Letus" in the Fort Worth Cellar. 1971-72 with "Wildlife" in the Dallas Cellar.  These days he writes music and more, produces audio masters and works in cyberspace on the WWW. Recordings/MediaQuotes                            Recorded live in the Cellar, 1970 and '72   on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1

Doug_Davis - Piano player for Arvel Stricklin's Knightbeats at the Fort Worth Cellar 1963-64, Doug played with the Cellar Dwellers  and others at the Cellar through the '60s, after which he moved to California where he wrote songs and did studio work with Jerry Lynn Williams, among others. For the past 20 years Doug has been living in Germany but he has recently returned to the U.S.A. and is currently based in California.

Timothy "Coyote" Williams was Arvel Stricklin's bass player at the Fort Worth Cellar 1963-64. Arvel and Coyote traveled to California in late '64 and worked night club gigs in Los Angeles for a while. In 1966 Coyote traveled with Arvel in a road band called the Blues Quintet, after which Coyote and and a friend named Jake set out for New York City where they were both killed in an attempted robbery.

Lon Price Played saxophone for the Knightbeats at the Fort Worth Cellar 1963-64, after which he moved to California and rapidly became a sought-after session player. Lon has a successful career and has worked with and led many well-known bands, among which are Red and the Red Hots, with Keyboardist Red Young, and Billy and the Beaters  on Late-night TV.

  Arthur Leslie "Tudy" Taddi died of natural causes, at his home in Fort Worth, on Sept. 5, 1999. He was 55 years of age. The all-time natural musician, Tudy could play anything he could lay his hands on. Well known among DFW music fans as leader of local bands the "CELLAR DWELLERS", and "STRAY DOG",Tudy came, from a blues background in San Antonio, to the Cellar, in 1962. In recent years Tudy worked as a veterinary assistant in Fort Worth and did some jamming at the Jazz Cafe on Magnolia St. Tudy will be missed. He may be heard on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1

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Paul Sevy also came to the Cellar from San Antonio, in 1962, as a beatle-haired rocker. Paul's uniquely original personality and performance styles win fans to him anywhere he plays. Paul writes and records and his web link is:

Guy Parnell is a guitarist who had a great jazz/blues band in the Cellar 1960 thru '63. Today Guy and his wife Bonnie produce an old time gospel music radio show that airs programs in streaming audio at their site:

Paul Jay , Spencer Hollis and Johnny Gore are all fine sax players who worked with Guy Parnell. Noteable also are trumpet player Jim Price, who later played with the Rolling Stones and drummer George Rains, noted below.


George Rains was Guy Parnell's drummer in 1962. Renowned for his metronomic meter, George went on to be drummer for "Mother Earth", Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison and Doug Sahm. Since returning to Texas and settling in Austin, George plays with Austin heavyweights such as Junior Brown and Jimmy Vaughn. George wrote a Cellar story and you can read it
here on the Cellar Home Pages.

Ron Thayer , a Ft. Worth jazz percussionist, brought in the first drumset to be used in the Cellar, and he wouldn't let George Rains (who's left-handed) turn them around, thereby causing George to develop his unique and effective left-handed-right-footed style. Ron's a fine drummer, then and now, and a licensed pilot and has worked for many years in the airline industry.


Little Caeser's name was Gary Xavier. He played piano about as well as anyone I've ever heard. Guy Parnell said he met Ceaser in the Air force. I wish I knew what he's doing now.

  Doug Sahm showed up in the Cellar in early 1963, driving a purple '58 Caddilac and playing great blues guitar with one hand and great country guitar with the other(or so it seemed!)   Johnny Carroll had a full staff of musicians at the time, but he hired Doug to play with Guy Parnell's jazz band because Doug was such a great personality and performer. After hanging out in Fort Worth a month or two; long enough to get tired of it, Doug moved on and went on to become Sir Douglas, the Mendecino Madman, the Texas Tornado(s) and the Last dadburn Real Texas Blues Band. Doug Sahm is no longer with us; may he rest in peace. Check him out at:


Rocky Hill led a band called the "American Blues" in the Cellar, in 1967/68. Rocky played guitar and his brother, Dusty, played bass, with Frank Beard on drums. Rocky's a strong performer, guitar and vocals and writes good songs, but Billy Gibbons liked his rhythm section and the rest is history.  Rocky's deceased (April, 2009) but there are some good blues CD's of his available at

Dusty Hill: Bass and vocals in the "American Blues",Rocky's brother - ZZ Top's bassman/vocalist/songwriter,billionaire, what's to say that ain't been? I ain't giving away any secrets. Friend of mine in 1967, be nice to see him again. Links :

Frank Beard: Great drummer in the "Cellar Dwellers", the "American Blues" and ZZ Top. Same link as Dusty.

Joe Ely was hanging out in the Fort Worth Cellar in late 1966 and was recruited to go to Houston with the Neurotic Sheep for the opening of the Cellar there on Dec. 7th, 1966. Joe played with the Neurotic Sheep for a few weeks, to packed houses, there in Houston, then a disagreement with a Cellar manager led to his departure, and the rest is history, with Joe turning out to be the ultimate winner of the abovementioned dispute - probably more folks have heard of Joe Ely than have heard of the Cellar! Joe's link is

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John Nitzinger led a band called "Fancy Space & the Rockin' Rhythm Daddies", in the Cellar in 1968. Linda Waring played drums and Bugs Henderson played guitar. John is a fine songwriter with hits to his credit. He can be found online at: :

Curly Benton is deceased. He played bass with Fancy Space, was good at it, and a genuine nice guy. I'm sure he didn't mean any harm when he shot Dahrell in the arm in Memphis.

Bugs Henderson was brought to the Cellar by Arvel Stricklin, in 1968, as guitarist for a band called the "Ball Point Carrot", then went with Fancy Space. Ancient history. Bugs heads his own band, the "Shuffle Kings"(for 20 + years, now), and has some fine CD's available. Links:


Linda Waring is one of the best drummers, of any gender, that the Cellar ever saw. Linda played with Fancy Space.
She has recently played again with Bugs Henderson, but I've heard that The Dream is now over.

Darrel (Hatchet) Welch is deceased. he was a fine drummer from Morgan City, Louisiana who played with a number of Cellar bands, notably  Childhood's End (1967) and TX WILDLIFE (1972), and he also played and recorded with Delbert McClinton in the mid seventies. He's playing on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1

Gene Mathews played lead guitar and sang lead vocals with the "TREEKS". Tragically, Gene died in a traffic accident in Los Angeles while in hot pursuit of a career in songwriting. His brother Kenny Mathews played bass and later moved to Dallas and took up photography, and their drummer, "Ruckles", (a copyrighted name) has since disappeared. The Treeks were a hot trio who played the Houston Cellar, initially, opposite the Neurotic Sheep and the American Blues.

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Mark Stricklin plays bass and sax and is one of the better vocalists in the north and southTexas areas. Mark played with the"Rubber Band" in the Houston Cellar and later, in 1971-72, with "TX Wildlife" in Dallas until the Dallas Cellar closed. Mark now lives in Galveston where he plays freelance bass and sax, writes songs and works days as an inventory technician with a great metropolitan charity organization. He's playing on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1Visit Mark online at:

Mike McClain plays keyboards like nobody's business and he's got plenty of business at McClain Recording in Dallas. Mike played a Vox Continental organ with the Neurotic Sheep in 1967 - '68. He had orange hair then, but not anymore.


Charlie Mitchell was the bass anchor for the Neurotic Sheep '67 - '69, guitar with Naked Letus in 1970 and guitar with TX Wildlife  in '71 - '72, played bass with Johnny Carroll and  with "General Boogie" in Houston. Charlie  still plays guitar and bass around Fort Worth, writes and records his own songs and is enjoying his grandchildren. He's now a rocker  with his own entourage and he's on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1 and you

Jas Stephens was drummer for the Neurotic Sheep in '67 and '68 and also played with the first rock band in the Cellar, "Jack & the Rippers" along with Randy Cates on bass, Larry Berry on guitar, Jack Hammond on keys and a saxman named Richard Dixon. Extremly talented in all directions, Jas is a full-time working drummer and is playing with someone you know, right now!

Mike Harrison was lead singer for the Neurotic Sheep. The girls loved him and he could work the Cellar stage lights with precision and perfection. Last report, Mike was doing Karaoke gigs in Big D. Catch him live - the girls still like him, but now they're all his grandchildren! contact Mike at

Riley Barnes played bass with LB STONE and others in the Cellar. Riley still plays and was with LB STONE at the February, 2006 reunion.

Johnny_Geary played rhythm guitar with the GEEKS at the Fort Worth Cellar and in the daytime he drove an ambulance.

Randy Panda Woolery played drums with the Sheep in '68 - '69, then went to Nashville, from where he toured with Earnest Tubb, Hank Snow, Johnny Paycheck, Jack Green and a bunch of others.I saw him playing with Willie, once. Willie turned around and saw him, too.Randy  is living in Gun Barrell City and plays around Dallas now and then. He never says where, choosing to remain analamous.

Mike Hickman sang lead vocals and played genuine rhythm guitar with Naked Letus in 1970. A good, solid band with somewhat eclectic tastes. They can be heard, recorded live, on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1..........

Gerald "Stick" Pierce was bassman and 2nd vocalist for Naked Letus in 1970 and, in 1968, could have been ZZ's bassman, but he turned it down, said he didn't want to play no damn rock & roll. Stick writes good songs and owns a candle manufacturing/marketing business in east Texas. Find Stick on the WWW at  and also on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1


Don Ivey played drums with Naked Letus and then went to Denver where he was very successful musically, less so marriagely, and at last report was writing a book about Men Who Had Bad Luck With Women or some such. Don is good people - you'd like him. Catch him on "THE CELLAR TAPES" Vol.1

Rusty Burns is a left-handed guitarist who plays it strung upside-down. Rusty played guitar with "Point Blank". He is amazing and I'll put his link up as soon as I find it. e-mail Rusty at

Pete Gruen played drums  with Odessa and Osborne Apple and later with Point Blank. Fine technical percussionist, haven't seen him in a coon's age. He probably got rich and retired.(Hold on- )recent reports have "Buzzy" playing again with Rusty-the band is "Bigfoot Johnson"(Doesn't mean he's not rich - recent reports don't say.)

Joe Reese: there were two - one played guitar and the other played bass, one with the "Geeks" and one with the "Osborne Apple", I believe, but they don't play anymore.

Joe Wonder: Joe was a bouncer in Houston but he also was a good drummer and played with the Rubber Band.   Joe is deceased.

Bobby Albin started singing at the Cellar in 1964, sitting in with different bands,and played full time with the band "Cold Turkey", with Tudy Taddi. Bobby recently had throat cancer surgery and now works full time at an animal hospital.

Mike Kennedy plays drums. He played in the Cellar with Ol' Bob(Robert Allen) in a band called "Duckbutter". Mike still plays actively and is also bookings manager for the DFW Musicians' Union(AFM Local 72-147).

Robert Allen (aka Ol' Bob) was the raucous lead singer for "Duckbutter", a favorite of the ladies and a longtime friend. He still shows up at local jams, sometimes, and probably has millions in the bank.

Gary Myrick played stratocaster guitar heavy on the hand vibrato, a unique style that served him well in Hollywood, where he went, with his band, "Slip o' the Wrist" after rehearsing a set of original songs for several months in the Cellar ( "I like to rock; I LIKE to rock; I like to ROCK; I like to play the ROLE..."). He's up to about record # 6 or 7 solo, with credits on 20 or so others and a Grammy nomination in '08. Look him up at

Brian Brown played guitar with "LB Stone" in the Cellar in 1973. Brian's a guitar tech in Los Angeles. E-mail him at

Mark Stimson played rhythm guitar with "Slip o' the Wrist". He now lives in L.A. and does special effects work for Paramount.

Anthony Brogden played guitar in the Cellar 1969 - 1972 with groups "Family Dog", "Kenlo", "Odessa", "Bullwinkle" and "Street Noise". Contact Anthony at

Dave Kenlo (deceased) was a singing drummer who led Cellar groups "Kenlo" and "The Time Machine".

Steve Lowrey played keyboard with Cellar band "Orchrist" along with Mike Harrison. e-mail Steve at

Johnny Nash played bass, after Tim "Coyote" Williams, in 1965 with Arvel Stricklin's Cellar House Band along with Arvel, Lon Price, Doug Davis and Chester Freeman. They were the featured midnight band for the last few months of the 10th & Main Cellar and, starting with the opening press party, in the upstairs Cellar  at 509 Main street for it's first year or so. Johnny Nash and his wife Alice still play in the DFW area.

Tommy Nash, Johnny's younger brother, played in the Fort Worth Cellar in 1966-67. A Tiger-Tudy influenced jazz guitarist, Tom has since played with folks such as Merle Haggard and the Dixie Chicks.

Stevie Ray Vaughn played in the Dallas Cellar for 4 or 5 nights in late Summer, 1970, with Mike Harrison, Jas Stephens, Mike Howell and Steve Lowrey.

Randy Palmer was bass player and high-end vocalist with the "Cellar Dwellers".  No one has seen or heard from Randy in the past 20 or so years. Jim Hill says he was killed in Houston about 20 years ago while trying to hold up a liquor store.

Chip Wells played drums with the "Cellar Dwellers" for a while. Chip was a great guy. I don't know Chip's whereabouts or if he's still living. If you know, please tell me.

Randy Cates is a fine bassman who was an Original member of "Jack and the Rippers" along with Jack Hammond (guitar), Larry Berry (guitar), Herman Acker (drums)and Richard Dixon on sax. These guys were all seniors in high school at the time and stayed up too late while playing in the Cellar. After the Rippers left, Randy stayed on, playing early sets with Arvel Stricklin, Johnny Carroll and Johnny Nash and later joining with drummer Steve Langdon and Guitarist/Songwriter Johnny Nitzinger in a group called "Lucifer". They played the Cellar in Ft. Worth, Houston and Dallas for the next 2 years. Randy still plays and is owner of a successful jewelry business.

Billy_Brow played guitar and sang early sets and also played bass with Toby Henderson and Childhood's End. Billy would stare straight into the spotlight when he sang.

Toby (T.W.) Henderson  - Toby started as an early set player in the Houston Cellar with his band, "Childhood's End". Toby
always had a very strong voice. He went to to live in California in the late 60's  and recorded and released some fine blues music.
Toby passed away in August, 2009. Look him up on MySpace

Gary Nicholson   played the Fort Worth Cellar in 1966 with a band called "The Untouchables" and later in the Dallas Cellar among others who have since become well known such as Doyle Bramhall and Jimmie Vaughn.
Gary is a world-class songwriter and his songs have been recorded by artists such as George Jones, BB King, Willie Nelson, John Mayall  and a veritable host of other world-famous names that may be found at .

Ron Cintron was known as "Fat Ronnie" and played bass with "Odessa" and later with Charlie Mitchell and "General Boogie" in Houston. Ron is still around, I think he runs a guide business out of Dallas.

Charlie Stephens (Bass Player) played in Childhood and Duckbutter from 1967 to 1970 at the Cellars (Fort Worth, Dallas, and Houston).  He went on to play with the great Jerry Lynn Williams, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Delbert McClinton.  He is now recording with Pete Thompson (Robin Trower drummer).

Paul Piland played drums in Childhood.

David Yawn played lead guitar in Childhood.

Patrice is a female keyboard player who played with Childhood. Anyone know her last name?

George Geurin played bass with "The Concrete Flower" in 1969 along with Jack Hooker(deceased) on guitar & vocals and Rick Bishop(deceased) on drums.
George now owns and operates DES mastering company in Dallas.

Jerry Lynn Williams is deceased. A world-class songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Jerry is best known for his
songwriting (example: 5 songs on Eric Clapton's "Journeyman" album) which made him a multi-millionaire.

Willie Smith is a fine guitarist who played in the Cellar in the mid to late 60's.

Slidin' Stevie Davis , a tremendously talented slide guitarist, played with Duckbutter and Bugs Henderson before getting married and givin' it up for her love.

Mickey Raphael played early sets in the Dallas Cellar in 1972 and went on to be Willie Nelson's harmonica player.

Mickey Burton is a fine drummer who played in the Houston Cellar with Arvel Stricklin , Zygote and General Boogie.

Guy Shwartz is a bass player who played in the Houston Cellar with Arvel Stricklin and others.

Craig Wood was lead guitar and vocalist for Zygote in the Houston Cellar in 1973.

Woody Smith was vocalist for General Boogie in The Houston Cellar.

Robert Hibler played in the Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston Cellars with 4 different bands: Solid Gold @ the Dallas Cellar,
Yellowstone @ all 3 locations, Odessa @ all 3 locations and Bullwinkle @ the Dallas and Fort Worth Cellars.
Robert played keyboards and sang with all 4 bands.



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